Legge Lodge

Are you a Motorcyclist, or do you have interest in Motorcycles?

The West Midlands Chapter of the Widows Sons have been working hard to save a Lodge from handing in its Warrant, and are now pleased to announce that Legge Lodge 2784 will now be a Staffordshire Motorcycling themed Lodge.

Nominally based in Aldridge, this will be both a working and a social Lodge with a good mixture of ceremonies, ride-outs and events.

The team are working to have tyling times that are suitable for working hours and motorcyclists alike, whilst the work is intended to be complete, highly professional and based on “Blue Book” emulation to give all attending best chance of getting involved in ceremonies.

It is planned that Legge and the Widows Sons West Midlands will sponsor each other - however membership of either is not mandatory or dependant on the other. We will always greet you well regardless.

The Master elect and his team are actively looking for Joining Members and candidates for the new season and will be meeting and presenting to all those that are interested over the Summer recess. Please contact us via: www.leggelodge2784.org.uk (clickable link), legge2784@emaildodo.com or our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LeggeLodge