W. Bro. Clive Andrews-Lewis


W. Bro Clive was initiated into Freemasonry in May 2004 into St Swithuns Lodge 4795 in the Province of Hampshire and Isle of Wight, becoming Worshipful Master of St. Swithuns in 2011. Clive relocated to Tamworth in 2012, and having previously joined Ashmole of Lichfield Lodge 8405 (who meet in Tamworth) he progressed through the offices once more to become Worshipful Master of Ashmole in 2016. Clive has ridden bikes of all sorts since he was 16, he currently rides a Firestorm, but his heart is with Kawasaki 7Rs (despite a crash that nearly paralysed him) and 2 Stroke triples. Clive is also a member of Lodge of Progress 9893 the Bikers Lodge in Worcestershire, plus Royal Arch, Knights Templar and Rose Croix Side Degrees.

Clive says he loves his biking and Freemasonry in equal measures and has met the finest people in the world through both of them - especially his Fiancee Pauline!

Bro. Andy Mackay-Astley


Bro Andy was initiated into Freemasonry in March 2015 into Etruscan Lodge 546 in the Province of Staffordshire. Andy is currently Inner Guard and working his way round the square to hopefully attain Worshipful Master in a few years time! Andy is also hoping to join the Royal Arch later in 2017.
Andy has been around bikes since he was a toddler as his father always had him pillion on them from his early years. Sitting on the tank in front of him before health and safety went crackers! He finally attained his full unrestricted licence 10 years ago. Andy currently does not have a bike and as such is a Bad Penny associate member of the widows sons. He aims to get a bike later this year or next year at the latest, when he can become a full Widows Son. 
Andy is also a keen runner, mainly concentrating on obstacle course running (such as Tough Mudder). The Road name came from a combination of running and riding style! 

W. Bro. John Perridge


W. Bro John Perridge is really not as Grumpy as his Roadname implies, he has even been known to smile occasionally. Twice Master of Compass Lodge in Syston, Leicestershire, John is a founder and driving force of the newly formed East Midlands Chapter, covering Leicestershire, Rutland, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Northants & Hunts counties.

To add to this all - Grumpy is also a founder of the East Midlands Chapter!

W. Bro. Steve Bowyer


Stafford born and bred, Steve joined the world of Freemasonry in 2002 during the year that his dad was the Worshipful Master of the Izaak Walton Lodge (4281) in Stafford. This makes him a "Lewis" which is simply a term used to describe the son of a Freemason who is also a member (or more likely, just a term for special people like Steve who is VERY special at times - hence the road name of Cluster!). He became WM of that lodge in 2010, a role that he loved to pieces and then in 2011 took very great pride in installing his successor - a very dear friend - whilst he fought his last battles against cancer. Steve says "it may seem odd, but this is the highlight of my Masonic career thus far. I knew there was no way we could get Pete to the Lodge for his installation, so we arranged with Provincial Grand Lodge to take the Lodge to him. We set up a make-do Lodge room in the hospice where Pete was being cared for, and we did the deed with him in his bed. We both cried and both loved it. A few days later the Great Architect took him from us. He never did get to preside over his Lodge :-("
Steve received Provincial honours (Staffordshire) in 2016, and has been a member of Mark before work and family commitments necessitated he reign things in a bit, but is now finding more time in all aspects of life to pick up where he left off. He is also a member of the Foster Gough Lodge of Installed Masters in the Province of Staffordshire.
In terms of motorbikes, Steve was late joining the party, only passing his test 12 years ago. He currently rides a Kawasaki GTR1400 because it's a bit more "sit up and beg" than his last two bikes which were both sports bikes, and he confesses he's too old and fat for all that bum up chin down riding ! His partner Esther also rides bikes, and she is a Bad Penny, riding her Triumph Tiger Sport which Steve likes to pinch from time to time!

Steve works for the NHS in the IT arena, and loves his partner, kids, pizza and wine above all else! He also manages our Twitter feed for us and can be found at most Widows Sons events somewhere !