W.M.C. Bad Pennies

They just keep turning up!
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Are you a non-biker, or not a Mason?

then a friendly & warm Greeting to you too!

Bad Pennies is an associate group of Widows Sons.

Widows Sons West Midlands Chapter Associates are known as "The Bad Pennies (WMC)" 

Anyone can join. Wives, partners, family members, non Masons, riding buddies, work colleagues and Prospective Members.

Bad Pennies membership is also a pathway into Freemasonry - we will help and mentor you through your journey from initial contact and questions, to finding a Lodge and the whole process from there. Or, if you are already a Freemason, but do not have a full licence yet - we have many experienced riders, holders of Advanced qualifications and instructors who can help you to get onto two wheels and through your test. In the meantime you can join if you are waiting to qualify for Full West Midlands Widows Sons Membership - and your membership will be offset against your first Years Widows Sons Membership.

The cost to join is a one off payment, you will receive your Bad Penny patch, which you can wear on your jacket for life!

To be a Bad Penny, please click here, to go to the contact form.

All we ask, is like a Bad Penny, you keep turning up and supporting West Midlands Chapter!